Covid-19 Information


 My name is Dr. David Garcia.

 I am here to talk to you about the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

I’ll speak to common-sense strategies on how to control your exposure and increase your resistance at the time of making of this video, this virus is in the U.S and it’s increasing logarithmically.  This means it’s projected to explode seemingly everywhere at once.  That’s how logarithmic curves work.  

Congress is still bickering about a rescue plan.  I will not be waiting for this. It may take a while for real practical answers to arrive from government.   They’re responding as best they can to an unforeseen and previously unimaginable foe.   

It is up to us to surmount and survive this challenge.   In my opinion this is the best confronted with a neutral mindset that is whatever it is, it is and to move forward from there. That takes out the emotion either high or low so that you can focus on the solutions.

First to Current Health

Hydrate every day.  drink eight, eight ounce glasses of water every day, not Coffee, not pop, but water.  Our immune system is based in solution and needs adequate water to be working at 100%.

Number 2:   Sleep.  Please Sleep!

 This is actually your superpower.   This is not the time to be running low on this golden power.  Sleep is generally needed about eight hours per night.   This helps our immune system big-time.  It’s been shown one less hour of sleep decreases natural killer cells, which is crucial to your immune system, by 70%.

So please sleep.

 Number 3.   Eat well

Please have well-balanced meals with fruit vegetables and protein.  This is not the time to be binging on ice cream, chips or cookies.   Let’s help our bodies help us!

 Number 4:  Vitamin supplementation.

 Please add vitamin D3 vitamin C,  Zinc and in general multivitamin, multi-mineral.

Number 5: Stay Separated

Stay separated from other people as much as possible keep that social distance.

Other stuff:

Number 1:  Avoid Contact

Avoid contact with people who are sick!   

Number 2: Avoid Touching your Face

Avoid touching your hands to your eyes your nose, your mouth with unwashed hands and especially after touching surfaces.

Number 3: Wash your Hands

Wash your hands often and when soaking with water 20 seconds or longerwhich means if you can sing happy birthday to me – twice, you are good!

 Number 4: Clean

 clean and disinfect hi touch surfaces.

 Number 5: Hygiene

 Practice good hygiene. 

Number 6: Cover your Mouth

 Cover your mouth with your tissue or a sleeve when coughing or sneezing. 

Number 7: Face Mask

Use a face mask. This will soon be wide spread.  Even a home made one will do.  This is to reduce droplets.  The virus spreads by droplets and if you can reduce the viral load by reducing droplets, you’re much more apt to recover.

This enemy, this disease will attack people who do not practice this.  

So the future.  What’s in the future?

Well Number one is:   

Immunization. This is a long ways off, around 12-18 months out. This will not help us in this acute time.

Number 2: New Techniques

 There’s new promise with techniques for hydroxychloroquine or cholorquine with azithromycin.   We’ll see how that pans out but it sounds promising.

Number 3: New Studies

 Great studies coming out in China of all places for mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes to reduce inflammation for people are really taken down by this.

 So God Speed everyone and good luck!

Connect with you soon, bye.

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