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Dr. Garcia and Deidre, with Enlite Clinics on Polaris, are the best recovery treatment option available!
Ohio - Telemedicine Appointment
July 22, 2020

I have personally been in medicated assisted treatment for multiple years. When the stay home order occurred with this pandemic, the physicians office I was attending shut their doors and did not notify me that they would no longer be serving patients. This left me in a panic, as my recovery is my priority (and always will be). After speaking with Deidre, my mind was immediately put at ease. Dr. Garcia and Deidre immediately scheduled me for a telehealth appointment. Both are very understanding and knowledgeable. Both have a true and unwavering passion to help others restore their lives.

After studying the topic of substance use disorders for many years, I truly believe that I have found the top place to continue my treatment long term. If you truly want a a physician and staff that care about you and your long term recovery, plus go above and beyond to help you, there is no better place than with Diedre and Dr. Garcia at Enlite Clinics! My recovery has allowed me to move forward, go to college, and become a successful business woman. Without Deidre and Dr. Garcia at Enlite Clinics, this would not be possible!

They really understand what I am going through!
July 22, 2020

Since coming to Enlite Clinics, I have been introduced to some of the nicest people, Dr. Garcia, Deidra, and Dr. Kanode. They really understand what I am going through and have been so helpful and have went the extra mile to help me throughout everything from day one, and through out this pandemic. I have been able to change my life around for the better and actually have hope again! I really appreciate everything they do to help me, and they are more like friends than my doctors. If you are seriously wanting to change your life and are tired of being bound by the chains of addiction, I highly recommend Enlite Clinics. You won't regret it.

PattyColumbus, Ohio

AFTER A LONG STRUGGLE I FOUND EnLite. After a long struggle with a drug addiction I came across EnLite. I didn’t know what I was going to do until I found them. I had been having long days and long nights with headaches and withdrawals, something terrible. Then somewhat of a miracle happened and they started making Suboxone, the greatest drug ever and it wasn’t addicting. I am finally free of my addiction and not afraid of relapsing. I felt free for the first time in 20 years; I actually have a life again but could not have done it without Dr. Garcia and his staff at EnLite. They are very friendly and very sensitive to my needs. They educate me as well and help me with staying clean. They are the greatest!

CherylColumbus, Ohio

EnLite WAS ONE OF THE BEST REFERRALS I EVER GOT. A mother of a friend of my sons referred me to them after her daughter had been in the program for about six months. My son was in trouble and had already been in rehab twice. Coming out of rehab can be a struggle for anyone even if you want to make it work. With the Doctors and staff at EnLite we were able to have on going help. Not all people get better at the same pace. The program provides the medicine that my son needed, the right directions of counseling that fit our medical insurance needs and provided someone to talk to. They have been great in working with the other doctors to make sure that none of my other medicines will interfere with his medications. I would have buried him long ago without this program. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.


I WAS IN A REALLY BAD PLACE IN MY LIFE. Every time I tried to quit on my own I felt horrible and went through total withdrawal (which if you are dealing with this, you understand completely). I found Doctor Garcia and his Nurse Toshia and they helped me get better and deal with the mess my life was in. They are the best at what they do and will help you get your life back on the right path.

DanielCincinnati, Ohio

DR. GARCIA IS GREAT! He took the time to listen and help in a time that I badly needed someone. He and Toshia are caring, welcoming and non-judgmental. I couldn’t ask for a better Doctor. Thanks EnLite!

Ian's WifeOhio

THEY SAVED OUR MARRIAGE. This is the best treatment program that my husband has been on. Our relationship was over until we found Dr. Garcia and his nurse Toshia, they are very understanding and never demeaning to him. Suboxone has saved our marriage and made it so that he can keep a job. He never had any withdrawal symptoms, and has no urges to use any types of drugs. I’ve been amazed how well he has done with this treatment program. If I had to recommend any treatment method, Suboxone would be the only treatment I would recommend. All of the people that I have sent to them, have been successful, and very thankful for getting their lives back! I’d love to thank them both for saving our marriage and my husband’s life!


SUBOXONE WAS THE CRUTCH THAT HELPED HEAL MY BROKEN LIFE. I was an eight year pain pill and heroin addict and have heard many stories similar to mine. After an accident I was prescribed pain pills for various injuries and started abusing them. As time went on the addiction became stronger and stronger and eventually the pills became too expensive so I switched to heroin. An addict will always look for any excuse to stay with what they are addicted to and usually the love affair with the drug ends up costing them everything, it did with me. I lost a great job at a local bank, my wife, my house, my truck and boat but somehow always found a way to blame it on everything but the drug that cost me so much. The addiction was so strong I found myself able to justify stealing from family and friends thinking they would want me to steal from them so I can get more pills, after all they would not want me to be sick. I was tired of being a slave to something that ruined my life and needed help. Just like a nicotine patch will not magically make you quit smoking, Suboxone will not magically cure addiction but it is a crutch to lean on. For me Suboxone was the crutch that helped heal my broken life. A strong support system was also crucial to my successful recovery. I have been in recovery now almost four years and I have been coming to see Dr. Garcia and Toshia at EnLite Clinics the entire time! They have been very supportive throughout the entire process and understand recovery doesn’t happen overnight. I owe them a great deal of gratitude there is nothing I can do to repay what they have done for me. I hope Toshia, Dr. Garcia and the staff at EnLite Clinics can take pride in knowing they have helped save at least one life, mine!

James W, OSUColumbus, Ohio

THE MODEST PRICES THEY CHARGE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE. I spent years going through the misery that is opiate addiction before my life was turned around by the help I received at EnLite Clinics. The modest prices they charge are nothing compared to the worth of having the proverbial “monkey” taken off my back through maintenance medication (not to mention the worry of an overdose). I cannot thank Toshia and Dr. Garcia enough for the help they have provided me over the past year. Since getting clean I’ve reconnected with family members who had written me off and found a promising career. If you’re considering getting help, this is definitely the place to go.

Hollie & TerryColumbus, Ohio

YOU SAVED OUR LIVES. We would like to thank EnLite for everything they have done in saving our lives. Dr. Garcia and Toshia are the best doctor and nurse you could ever have. Thank you!

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