Ohio Suboxone Treatment 

Suboxone Films are actually two drugs in one medication; Burprenorphine and Naloxone. Burprenorphine is a partial opioid antagonist. This means it can both activate and block opiate receptors, depending on the clinical situation. Naloxone is the opiate antagonist. This means it blocks the effects that opioids have on a person. Suboxone is the first medication approved for use in treatment of opioid dependency for an outpatient office setting. The primary ingredient buprenorphine suppresses symptoms of withdrawal and decreases cravings.

This medication is placed under the tongue where it dissolves, usually within five to ten minutes, and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. During the treatment process, Suboxone will help you avoid many or all of the physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal. These typically include cravings, restlessness, poor sleep, irritability, yawning, muscle cramps, runny nose, tearing, goose-flesh, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.


After your initial intake is completed, you will be switched from your current opioid (heroin, methadone or prescription painkillers) to Suboxone.


Once the appropriate dose of Suboxone is established, you will stay at this dose until steady blood levels are achieved. You and your doctor will discuss your treatment options from that point forward. Referral to a 12 step program and/or counseling is also provided during your initial visit.


Treatment compliance and progress will be monitored. Participation in some form of behavioral counseling is strongly recommended to ensure best chance of treatment success. Follow up maintenance appointments will be discussed by your doctor at the time of your visit. The length of treatment will be determined by you and your doctor, and possibly your counselor. Urine drug screens will be performed randomly to ensure the recovery process.

Supervised Taper

As your treatment progresses, you and your doctor may eventually decide that a taper down is an appropriate option for you. In this phase, your doctor will gradually taper your Suboxone dose over a period of time. During this phase it’s important to monitor you. In addition, you will receive instructions on how to contact your doctor in case of emergency.


Get Started Today in Cleveland, Columbus or Cincinnati

To help ensure that Suboxone or Naltrexone is the best treatment option for you, the staff will interview you by phone before your appointment is scheduled. You will then need to make an appointment for your initial intake/visit. Then you will be given very specific directions that you must follow in order to start the program. Our phones are answered 9am and 7pm, 7days a week.