Enlite Clinics

About Us

EnLite Clinics

EnLite™ Clinics provides a Suboxone Detox and Maintenance treatment program. We have been providing confidential treatment and promoting recovery to our patients since 2006.

EnLite™ treats patients with Suboxone Films to manage the physical symptoms of opioid addiction. We also provide referrals to 12 step programs and/or counseling to address patient’s behavioral patterns of addiction. EnLite™ individualizes treatment plans specific to each of our patient’s needs. We provide every patient with the utmost care; giving them the individual attention they need to succeed in the recovery process. EnLite™ has a staff of four doctors and three locations in Ohio. Clinics are located in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.

Our Mission

We at EnLite™ Clinics provide confidential treatment, respect, and prompt scheduling to each patient suffering from the disease of addiction.